Silent Censorship and Huckleberry Finn

In “Silent Censorship and Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, ” Alan Gribben’s self-interview “is perhaps the perfect ‘flagship’ essay for the present volume [Censored & Banned Literature].  Anyone who reads the entire book will see that issues of race and ethnicity have increasingly become the central issues (besides graphic descriptions of sexual behavior) in recent attempts to challenge, censor, or ban literature. The ‘N’ word has become the most controversial word of all the terms that have led parents and others to try to limit what and how other people (especially children or young adults) can read.”–Robert C. Evans

Critical Insights: Censored & Banned Literature, ed. Robert C. Evans. Ipswich, Massachusetts: Salem/EBSCO, 2019. xiii-xxvii.

Alan Gribben’s NewSouth edition of Huckleberry Finn without the ‘N’ word is an attempt to bring Twain’s book back into the classroom. For more information, see below “Related” posts.